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DC Cats: The Quiz (Win $20 at Starbucks)

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?Washington, DC is a veritable jungle with lions and tigers all around. ?Be the first to correctly identify these and win a $20 Starbucks card. ?Just send in a comment (below) with your answers. ?(Most correct list wins.) Good Luck!            

40,000 Years

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I don’t know my eons from my eras and the very sound of the words reminds me of rocks, dinosaurs and natural history and I start to get very sleepy. And while forty thousand years is a long time, it is just barely imaginable. ?I once earned that much in dollars so I have a […]

On Holding Forth

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The end of the “regular” DC guiding season is (thankfully) upon us as students complete the school year and head out for their summer adventures. I spent this final week ?with fifty Midwestern 8th-graders who were smart and well mannered which is a nice though somewhat rare combination. Tuesday evening we walked some of the […]


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Yesterday I made the weekly pilgrimage to Whole Foods (a.k.a. Whole Paycheck) in order to make just about my only purchase there: ?fresh fruit. It’s embarrassingly expensive but also very good. ? I wandered the produce aisles worth a late model Mercedes, made my selections and headed up to the checkout area reminiscent of food […]

Demise of the Wandering Mind

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No Gettysburgh Tweet I always thought that slaves in America were confined to a never-ending existence of unrelieved dawn-to-dusk forced labor. ?Turns out I was mistaken, at least in part. Many 18th century slaves in the south worked in a task-based system. When they finished their task, usually hoeing a quarter-acre plot, they were done […]

T. A. and the Bet

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Some readers here will know that my vocation of late is as a DC tour guide. ?I work for a company that assigns me to incoming groups who are here to see the sights. ?I have not enjoyed working this much since I was a firefighter. ?Curiously, the jobs have much in common. ?I am […]