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Headline of the Month

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Traffic signs in New Zealand destroyed by prostitutes performing stunts New Zealand? ?Go, Kiwis. The Telegraph reports that neighbors in a South Auckland neighborhood have had it with sex workers using street signs as impromptu poles to advertise their trade. One elected official reported that some forty signs have been bent or broken, saying, “Some […]

Rich and (In)Famous

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This is a story about wealth and power. Word emerged this week that Denise Rich, songwriter and former wife of ?well,?uber-rich, Mark Rich, had renounced her American citizenship to become Austrian,?in order “to be closer to her family.” ?Rueters reports that Ms. Rich could save “tens of millions of dollars or more in US taxes”. […]

How the US Military Proves FDNY Wrong

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“A Social Experiment” President Harry Truman’s grandparents owned slaves and historians have said that he was raised and conditioned to be a racist. ?Yet, just 100 days before the 1948 elections and despite 82% of Americans disagreeing with his position, he issued Executive Orders 9980 and 9981 ordering the racial integration of the US military. […]