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Obama’s “Trayvon”

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Fighting Terror with Terror

Words: You Have Ghetto Booty

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  Dr. Sweo Keeps It Simple Tennessean Terry Ragland, ravaged with pain, visited?Sports Orthopedics & Spine in Jackson seeking relief. ?In this age of enlightened medicine, her physician, Orthopedist Dr. Timothy Sweo, leavened his diagnosis with a healthy dose of his apparent special understanding of race and intellect. Her condition, identified by Dr. Sweo as […]

Words: Funny, Tasteless, But Hardly Racist

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  Dewy, Cheatem and How Octo- comedienne Joan Rivers taught us that the horrible can also be hilarious and a clever plotter proved her point last week when a Bay area news station was spoofed into the on-air reading of fictitious pilot names from the recent Asiana Air crash at SFO. Fingers are pointing every-which-away […]

Words: Keep Calm…And Trivialize On

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  Make That “Boston Weak” It’s hard to go anywhere these days without seeing a variety of tee shirts and paraphernalia emblazoned with the first three words of that famous saying abruptly followed by a fatuous phrase created by the wearer, their group or some foolish merchandiser. ?“Keep Calm and Rape” was briefly the fashion […]

Happy Fourth Through (Snowden’s) Prism

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  Liberty, Freedom and Privacy America’s original patriots bristled when King George’s soldiers and sailors bullied citizens through stop and search, impressment and forced quartering in their homes. ?Even staid and loyal subjects like George Washington became first peeved and then outraged at the erosion of their sense of ?liberty and freedom. Edward Snowden, recent […]