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IAFF Ethics: Harold, Ed and the Silent Picket Line

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When ODL Looks the Other Way A previous post here discussed the IAFF Executive Board fourth district race and how General President Schaitberger, a.k.a., Our Dear Leader (ODL) was perhaps laying the groundwork for a surprise pre-convention election. ??In that scenario, Bill Taylor would step down early, allowing for a snail mail election with rules […]

Leadership: A Cracker and Some Fruit Loops

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A Fire Chief, Social Media and Gender Identity Last week reported that Charlotte, North Carolina, deputy fire chief Jeff Dulin was in the hot seat for a posting from his personal Facebook page. The image appears to show the famed athlete Bruce Jenner on the iconic cereal box as Olympic champion and then again […]

IAFF Ethics and the IAFF-FC: A Member Writes…

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Dear Secretary-Treasurer Miller, As a retired member of the International Association of Fire Fighters, Local 2068, Fairfax County, VA, I respectfully request a full financial disclosure statement concerning the IAFF-Financial Corporation. Although I am constantly receiving mass mailings advertisements from IAFF-FC for a variety of products, I have no understanding of the relationship between the […]

IAFF Ethics: Joined at the (Osso Buco) Hip

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IAFF-FC,????S. F. & C. Insurance Associates, Inc. & Liberty Mutual The IAFF board is having their “winter get-away” in Bal Harbor, Florida, during the next week or so. It is usually preceded by the board meeting of the IAFF Financial Corporation, IAFF-FC for short. IAFF-FC is essentially a shell (shill?) to sell Nationwide and Liberty […]

Conflategate: Brain Williams’ Fish(y) Story

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The One That Got Away? TV personality Brian Williams is enduring some unwanted fame as the onion is peeled, partly by him, over his story of being aboard a US military helicopter under fire in the Iraq war in 2003. Williams has apparently said in the past, including on the Letterman show, that he was […]

To OM or Not to OM

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Drums in the Distance I live a stone’s throw from the “Hinkley Hilton” in Washington, DC, where the Jodie Foster obsessed assassin nearly murdered Ronald Reagan in 1981. This morning I awoke to the sound of beating drums and chanting; nearly as loud as when the Lubavitcher Jews are celebrating in the street on the […]

All in the (IAFF) Family: Dear Linda…

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First, thank you for taking the time to write. I knew very little about “our divorce” you reference in your note below. However, that leads me to your assertion about what IAFF staff is generally aware of. As you know, I have been an IAFF member for 39 years and I served on staff for […]

All In The Family: “Herald Cheeseburger”

Linda Fillah??says: Eric, most of HASa€? staff know what he is all about! The board knows what he is about! You know what he is about! Harold is a contol maniac, that stops at nothing until he gets his way. He is all about character assassination. He doesna€?t care how lo he has to go […]

IAFF: He’s At It Again

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Play Time Anyone who really knows International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) president Harold Schaitberger will tell you that he is manically??obsessed with politics. No union election is too small or seemingly irrelevant for him to stick his nose into. This is especially so when he is bored and he is VERY bored. After 14 […]

Sex and the City (Of Brotherly Love)

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Some Power Play? reports that, “A Philadelphia paramedic has alleged that about a dozen fellow Fire Department employees pressured her into sex – including a supervisor and two Fire Academy instructors – over a four-year period, according to a source with knowledge of the woman’s account.” Indeed, one of the assignations is said to […]