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IAFF Corruption: Freddy Does the Trick

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Rick Walsh, former IAFF 7th district vice-president, issued a video last week explaining his rational for resigning. It didn’t take long for Shady Schait’s headquarters whorehouse to come up with a willing “trick” to undertake the dubious task of trying to explain away Walsh’s underlying concerns. Vice president Fred LeBlanc says Walsh’s video is “disingenuous”, […]

Schaitberger Corruption: Walsh’s Big Crime

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Discussed Widely Known Conflict of Interest When former 7th district IAFF vice-president Rick Walsh released his bombshell video last week he indicated that the Schaitberger inspired kangaroo court which led to his resignation was accusing him of releasing a confidential document. Walsh went on to point out that the document in question was not only […]

IAFF Bombshell : Former DVP Walsh Releases Video

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Says, “Two Sides to Every Story.” Former IAFF 7th District vice-president Rick Walsh alleges in a video released today that he was effectively blackmailed into resigning his office by General President Harold Schaitberger and “a few select district vice-presidents.” Walsh says that Schaitberger gave him an “ultimatum” to resign or face charges. He says his […]