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Guiding: The Wall and Ritual

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The Vietnam Veterans Wall, opened in 1982, is a shade under 500 feet long with over 58,000 names of those killed or missing etched into its shiny black panels. While other war memorials also list names, the Wall stands alone for its enveloping design and enormity. The names take center stage, a tidal wave of […]

War: Boys and Their Toys

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July Fourth, Early This past Thursday the US military deployed the?GBU-43, the largest non-nuclear weapon in the arsenal, at a cave site reputed to be used by ISIS in Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province. For the military it’s the equivalent of ?being able to take that brand new Harley you bought out for a spin after a […]

Guiding: Arlington Seen and Heard

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This past Wednesday was a glorious day here in Washington with the sky cloudless and the temperature a sweet 75 degrees, a superb day to be out and about. Those familiar with DC will know that the city is full of trees and lushly landscaped with special spring and summer plantings and a huge variety […]

Guiding: St. Pete and a Global Mom

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I toured with fifth-graders and their parents the other day and we concluded with an evening visit to the Pentagon 9/11 Memorial. (The Pentagon was struck by a commercial jet on that day and 184 people were killed either in the building or on the aircraft.) With the attack now 16 years ago, it is […]

Guiding: The Longest Day

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Yesterday afternoon was the end of a 4-day tour of Washington, DC, with thirty of the most exuberant seventh grade boys ever collected into a single group, I think. I hollered myself hoarse saying, “Please walk on the right”– on the left they went. The attention span of a seventh grader must be measured in […]