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Ford’s: A Salesman

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Of Willy and Bernie Thanks to knowing the “right” people, for once in my life, I was able to attend the dress rehearsal for Arthur Miller’s legendary play, Death of a Salesman, at Ford’s theater this past week. Set mostly in New York City in 1948, there is precious little difference between Willy Loman’s world […]

War: Afghanistan/Chicagoland

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A Picture Worth a Thousand Words Those dark splotches on the map, looking a little like coffee stains, outline the areas of Afghanistan under the control of either the Taliban (light gray) or ISIS (darker gray). They are mostly non-contiguous, floating zones where these groups have exerted enough muscle or influence to drive out government […]

Hidden DC: An Aqueduct Bridge

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Watering Washington Montgomery Cunningham Meigs, Quartermaster General of the Union Army during the Civil War, was the brains and driving force behind the creation of the 12-mile long Washington Aqueduct system which supplies water to the city to this day. The 9-foot diameter brick and mortar conduit begins near Great Falls on the Potomac river […]

Kelly, Trump & Schaitberger

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Boss as Bully Narcissist The Kelly in the headline is White House chief of staff John Kelly, not the IAFF’s Kelly, a clarification that is essential because the difference could not be greater. John Kelly is a tough and disciplined gentleman, a decorated senior Marine officer with a very long record of service. You can […]