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IAFF: The List of Charges

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It’s not just a pension scam.   Brother, can you spare a dime? The board has apparently acted to stop Schaitberger’s illegal pension grab but he will need to be watched closely as he will try to undo their work through bribery, bullying and treachery. It’s crucial to remember that where Schaitberger’s damage to the […]

Schaitberger Cut Off

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Vice-Presidents Stop Pension Pay-Out   Schaitberger IAFF executive board members have stopped payment on Harold Schaitberger’s improper pension as a result of pressure from the membership, affiliate leaders and negative news coverage. IAFF members are reported to be furious at Schaitberger’s pension scam as well as the board’s attempt to hide the details. Schaitberger has […]

The Edzo Strikes Back

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105-page document details Schaitberger Corruption   Ed Kelly   IAFF secretary-treasurer Edward Kelly has begun to publicly expose Harold Schaitberger’s long history of corruption at the IAFF. His current foray is a 105-page memorandum containing some of Harold Schaitberger’s most flagrant abuses; along the way he amply confirms that Schaitberger’s IAFF pension, which he has […]

Schaitberger Bankrupts Pension Fund

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2006 Secret Amendment Cause of Massive Deficit The International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) executive board was rocked by news at its recent meeting that their pension system requires an immediate $2 million dollar bailout; one of possibly many, in order to remain solvent. Plan documents show that liabilities have skyrocketed from $65,000,000 to over $87,000,000, […]