Schaitberger Cut Off

Vice-Presidents Stop Pension Pay-Out



IAFF executive board members have stopped payment on Harold Schaitberger’s improper pension as a result of pressure from the membership, affiliate leaders and negative news coverage.

IAFF members are reported to be furious at Schaitberger’s pension scam as well as the board’s attempt to hide the details.

Schaitberger has received over $1,000,000 in benefits after he began taking monthly payments he was not eligible to receive.

Three separate legal counsels have all found that Schaitberger was not allowed to receive such a benefit according to the Internal Revenue Code.

One source indicated that Schaitberger wanted to appeal the board’s decision; the question is to whom and why?

The IRS rules are clear and three lawyers interpret them in like manner.

Only Harold Schaitberger would possess the hubris to fight for an illegal pension on top of a $400,000 annual salary plus unlimited expenses.

The board needs to maintain a tough stance as they defend the IAFF in their much belated but critical move.



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