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IAFF: Schaitberger Issues Statement

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He calls for unity amidst pension scam and growing probe.   President-for-life President-for-life Harold Schaitberger posted a letter on the IAFF website in the face of mounting evidence of his unethical and corrupt actions. In it he tries to explain his on-going and unsuccessful attempt to cover up and downplay the revelations in secretary-treasurer Ed Kelly’s widely […]

IAFF: Edzo Peeps Out

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But please, let’s not get too giddy.   Three-(Very-White)-Guys Ed Kelly made a (surprise) appearance on Facebook, in garb designed to drive IAFF president-for-life Harold Schaitberger right up the wall. Schaitberger hasn’t worked a shift in 44-years, yes — you heard it right — 44; seeing Edzo on duty at Ladder 17 is yet another […]

FDNY’s Hagan: Schaitberger = Treason

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Former Local 854 Leader   FDNY’s Hagan Al Hagan, the respected former president of the IAFF’s New York Fire Officers 2,700-member Local 854, makes no bones about it when he asks: “I wonder if anyone will get to spend some quality time in a Federal Correctional Institution?” Hagan was commenting on the recent revelations concerning […]