Turn Out: It’s a phrase we are familiar with.  It conjures up images of a dash for the rigs or a turning on to the street.  The masthead graphic calls up the rich history of firefighters turning out over the centuries well before steam, combustion engines or horses, even.  For us, it has come to mean both the act of responding as well as the gear we wear.

Of course, it means other things too: how many people voted (what was the turnout?), and being tossed out of the bar on your ear (We turned’em out.)  It also refers to a wide place in a highway where a vehicle can turn left or right.

So, in keeping with the various definitions, I will endeavor to provide some variety here, too.  We might even talk about an election along the way, and possibly even veer to the left (or the right.)  Being predictably unpredictable is much under-rated.

A brief bio: I became a volunteer in 1971 by employing the dubious tactic of lying about my age. (15) Later, I served as a career firefighter for 22 years and retired in 1998. I have been a proud union firefighter for 37 years and I also worked at the IAFF beginning in 1999.  I retired from there in 2010.



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