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“9/11 Drove Me Crazy”

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  Workin' It The Manhattan District Attorney, Cyrus Vance, will hold a news conference this afternoon detailing a long running scheme involving retired police and firefighters fraudulently receiving Social Security Disability Benefits for mental health problems, many based on 9/11. The Times reports that the operation actually dates from 1988 and involves over a hundred officers […]

Murders in Webster: The Deafening Silence

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  Fire Service Leaders with Nothing to Say On Christmas Eve, four Webster, New York, firefighters were shot and two killed when a paroled felon with a prior murder conviction set them up. ?It’s more accurate to say they were executed with premeditated precision. ?Arson was used as the pretext for drawing them into the […]

FF & PO Arthur Lopez: To An Athlete Dying Young

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In Nassau, It’s Body Armor Optional Earlier I wrote about the killing of Officer Lopez during a traffic stop last week. ?He was not wearing a vest, which seemed odd–it still does. Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano is quoted in Lawofficer as saying, “Nassau does not have a mandatory bullet-proof vest policy, ?it’s up to […]

FF and PO Arthur Lopez: Killed in Traffic Stop

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His lack of personal protection seems inexplicable given his experience and training, especially as a firefighter.

Making Hay on 9/11

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  343 One of my union local officers posted a piece on Facebook the other day reporting that a Florida elected official, Janet Long, was quoted as saying that firefighters, “have really taken advantage of 9/11 and what happened then and capitalized on it and the emotion” among other things. Ms. Long is going where […]

FF Safety: What’s Your Search Culture?

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Culture:?the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution or organization. The Primary Search A Primary search taking place early in a fire is an extraordinarily ?dangerous and high-risk activity because it will likely occur above or in front of hose lines and in poorly ventilated spaces. What is the search […]