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Race: Hanging Tight or the Big Squeeze?

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The Miami Four According to the Miami Herald, in 2017 “a group of Miami firefighters working at historic Charles Hadley Park Fire Station 12, thought it would be funny to draw penises on framed family pictures of a co-worker who wasn’t at the station that night.” The coworker was Lieutenant Robert Webster, a black man. […]

Miami: Where’s the IAFF?

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Harold and Edzo, Missing in Action The disaster in Miami has become a worldwide news story; google “firefighter/noose” and see what you get. Or just go to CNN, AP or any other news outlet and there it is. Speaking of disasters, both Harold and Edzo love a good tragedy, especially if it offers an opportunity […]

Books: When the “Japs” Weren’t Coming

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American-Japanese Concentration Camps When Admiral Yamamoto’s forces conducted their mostly successful raid on Pearl Harbor, many Americans panicked over the thought of a follow-up invasion of the west coast. U.S. Army officers baldly asserted that American-Japanese were all under the control of the Japanese Emperor and therefore consisted of an enemy “fifth column” waiting for […]

Fire and Race: “That Nigger Funeral Home”

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“You Know I’m Not a Racist.” News services report that a North Carolina volunteer fire chief, Todd McNeill, who also works as a career firefighter in a nearby department, was ousted this week after referring to a Sanford, North Carolina, funeral home as the “nigger one.” McNeill applies the vilest racial epithet also to the […]

English (ONLY) Spoken Here

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WASHINGTON — Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) said Thursday that diversity has never been America’s strong suit, so lawmakers should pass his bill to make English the official U.S. language in the name of unifying the nation. So much for the long?view. ?Congressman King has apparently forgotten that before the white man stole their lands through […]

Candidate Cain: Coulter’s Quisling

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Ann Coulter, uber-conservative doyen and right wing grenade thrower is doing her best to infuse the current discussion about the suitability of Herman Cain to be president with calculated race-baiting commentary, which is most odd. Since we already have an African-American president the idea of raising the issue of race is bizarre outside the context […]